Switchboard Installation & Upgrades

The switchboard is to distribute electricity through different circuits to power different things in your home, and contains all of the switches, circuit breakers/fuses necessary for electricity in your home. And as households and offices have acquired more and more electrical appliances and devices, switchboards need to meet this increasing demand on power to provide an electrically safe environment.

If a particular appliance or outlet isn’t working, the chances are that there is something wrong with your switchboard. Consequently, the switchboard is a significantly important component of your homes infrastructure.

An out-dated or overburdened switchboard can result in power tripping and lights flickering, all of which are signs your switchboard may be ready for an upgrade. Florin can inspect, quote and install new switchboards and upgrade out-dated ones with safety switch protection and circuit breakers.

At Florin Electrical we provide both Switchboard Repairs and Switchboard Upgrades and Installations